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At Optimally Organic, we are dedicated to providing the Highest Quality completely Pure, Bio-Active and Cost Effective Raw Organic and Wild-Crafted Superfoods from around the world, directly to your door. Your health is our #1 goal.  We ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality.

Because of this commitment to quality, we track our products from farm to your home.  Every step along the way, from picking, to packaging, and to shipping, your superfood products are treated with the utmost care.

Our Fulvic Ionic Minerals (Fulvic Acid) concentrated liquid minerals, electrolytes and essential amino acids supplement is the cornerstone of our company and is manufactured under the strictest standards.  

Chemical acids are never used in the extraction process, just distilled water.  This is the highest grade Fulvic Acid in the world with the highest levels of Fulvic and Humic Acids ever tested! Fulvic Acid, in our opinion, is the most important health supplement you could ever take.  

In addition to our Fulvic acid and trace minerals, we also carry organic Chaga Mushrooms, Essiac Tea,  Barley Grass Juice Powder as found in our Super Greens Blend, and Digestive Enzymes in our 100 Wild Plant Enzymes.

So, please, take a look around our site and buy any of our optimally organic products.  We can guarantee you will be impressed with our quality of product and quality of service.